Toothy Species (Pike, Musky, Barracuda, Bluefish) Leaders

Toothy Species (Pike, Musky, Barracuda, Bluefish) Leaders
Item# ML111

Product Description

These leaders are recommended for Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, bluefish, barracuda, chain pickerel, Northern pike, muskie, and other toothy species. Being able to present your "Perfect Flies" to fish with sharp teeth not only requires a strong bite tippet, it also requires a good tapered leader, irregardless of the type of fly you are fishing. These leaders are hand tied using a strong, bite proof wire tippet. They have a stiff, powerful butt section to deliver flies even in strong winds. Even though they are made of tough, Mason Hard Nylon Leader material, they still have enough elasticity to absorb the shock of the sudden surge of a strong, hard fighting fish. The nylon is just hard enough to be resistant to the abrasion one often encounters. You cannot land large fish on a frayed leader or tippet they can bite through or damage enough to break. .

The stiff butt section enables you to deliver your flies to the exact area you want them to land. Casting accuracy often makes the difference in catching fish or not. The Perfect Fly leaders transfer energy from the fly line to the fly in a predictable manner. The large diameter butt section transitions down in intermediate sections to the class nylon tippet. The mid sections help make a smooth transition from the fly line to the fly. We use a 12 inch shock tippet made of 40-pound test wire. We connect the wire to the class tippet using an Albright knot. You should attach the fly to the wire leader using a Haywire twist and barrel roll. The shorter the wire, the better. You can use it down to lengths of 4 inches or less. A shorter shock tippet may sometimes result in a few fish biting through the class tippet but you will get a much larger number of fish to bite the fly using the short wire section. .