Striped Bass Hand Tied Tapered Leaders - 7.5 Foot

Striped Bass Hand Tied Tapered Leaders - 7.5 Foot
Item# ML110

Product Description

eing able to present your "Perfect Fly" Striped Bass flies properly requires a good tapered leader, irregardless of the type of fly you are using. These leaders are designed with a stiff, powerful butt section that will deliver flies in strong winds. Even so, they still have just enough elasticity to absorb the shock of the sudden surge of a strong, hard fighting fish. This compromise in hardness leaves them just tough enough to be resistant to the abrasions one may normally encounter striped bass fishing. You cannot land large striped bass on a frayed leaders.

The Striped bass leader's stiff butt section enables you to deliver your flies to the exact area you want them to land. They transfer energy from the fly line to the fly in a predictable manner. The large diameter butt section transitions down in three steps to the tippet, or a total of five sections. The three mid-sections help make a smooth transition from the butt section to the tippet.

The leaders are designed for landlocked stripers and well as saltwater stripers both off the coast and in inshore waters. They work equally as well on hybrid stripers.