Small Stream Tapered Mono Leaders (3 leaders per pack)

Small Stream Tapered Mono Leaders (3 leaders per pack)
Item# ML102-9-3

Product Description

This is for a 3 pack of Perfect Fly "Small Stream Trout" tapered leaders which are used in all types of small streams as well as some larger size pocket water streams where short cast are preferred. Short, close-in presentations and the shorter length of the small stream trout leaders offers an advantage where strong, conflicting current make it difficult to get a drag-free drift. It reduces the amount of fly line on the water which results in less drag. The small stream trout leaders are appropriate for any type of small stream including spring creeks, tailwaters and freestone streams. They can be used with all types of trout flies. They are strong as any nylon leaders made for their diameter and flexibility. We don't make misleading marketing claims that our leaders are "strong" by labeling a true 4X leader a 5X. They come with pre-tied loops.