Perfect Fly Supreme Four Fly Rod

Perfect Fly Supreme Four Fly Rod
Item# R102

Product Description

Our Perfect Fly Supreme Four Fly Rod is the most versatile four weight fly rod you could own. We named it the Supreme Four because it is a "supreme" four weight dry fly rod even though it cast light nymphs and streamers with ease. We think it's the best 4 weight fly rod ever made.

Our Perfect Fly rods not only perform as well or better than any, they are all designed to be aesthetically pleasing and downright elegant. They are fly rods you will want to take good care of for a life-time so that they can be passed along to someone that deserves and appreciates fine fly rods.

If you are looking for a 4 weight fly rod that's versatile enough to fish small dry flies on fine tippets, yet easily cast small to medium size nymphs with added split-shot, you have found it.

Like our other Perfect Fly Rod models, this rod stands out because of its unique combination of accuracy, line speed, light weight and strength in a fast action. The "Supreme Four" will cast a hopper into a breeze and land it where you aimed. At the same time the rod is delicate and performs well when you have to be very accurate with your presentation dry fly fishing. It has a very good feeling in close for a fast action rod.