Perfect Fly "Pro Series" Fly Rods

Perfect Fly "Pro Series" Fly Rods
Item# R106

Product Description

Our Perfect Fly Pro Series Fly Rods are the best fly rods you can buy for the money. Don't let the low price fool you. These high modulus fly rods not only perform well, they are designed to look and feel nice.

If you are looking for a fly rod that's versatile enough to fish small dry flies on fine tippets, yet easily cast larger nymphs, split-shot, and a strike indicator, you have found it. This rod cast accurately, provides good line speed, and offers light weight and high strength in a fast action. This rod will cast large poppers and hoppers in a breeze but is light and sensitive enough to fish size 22 midges. It is accurate and performs well casting dry flies. It doesn't feel like many fast action rods when your fishing close in.