Perfect Fly Val-U Fly Line

Perfect Fly Val-U Fly Line
Item# FL106

Product Description

There are a lot of fly line companies, some of which have been around for years. Anglers have numerous choices, often so many different choices that it makes it difficult to choose the best fly line for your particular type of fishing and fly rod. That written, you may be wondering why Perfect Fly came out with our own fly line. More importantly, you may wonder how we can do that and be competitive with the many other fly line manufacturers. Well, there are two simple reasons with can provide anglers more for their money than the many other fly line manufacturers. We don't sell through a manufacturer's representative, wholesale distributor or fly shops. We sell directly to anglers and eliminate all of the just mentioned middle men and their markups. This approach alone, eliminates half of the normal cost of fly line.

The taper design makes this a great all round fly line for many different freshwater fish species, including trout. So, whether your high sticking nymphs into runs or gently landing tiny mayfly imitations in a distant feeding lane, this fly line will get the job done. It works equally as well for other freshwater species such as panfish and bass.

Features and Use: Low Stretch Core Polyurethane Coating minimal surface contact with rod guides Hi Floating Tip Power Core Strong with low memory End Loop Welded loop allows a loop-to-loop fly line to leader connection. Free Shipping Continental U. S. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Toll Free 800 - 594 - 4726 Available only in Weight-Forward Taper and Green Color Taper Length Tip Front Belly Rear Running WF-3 85 6" 4.7 ft. 24 ft. 3.3 ft. 52 ft.

WF-4 85 6" 5.3 ft. 29 ft. 3.7 ft. 47 ft.

WF 5 85 6" 6.9 ft. 28 ft. 4.0 ft. 47 ft. '

WF 6 85 6" 6.7 ft. 27 ft. 4.3 ft. 47 ft.

WF 7 85 6" 7.3 ft. 32 ft. 4.7 ft. 41 ft.