Tippet - Perfect Fly "Perfectflex"Tippet

Tippet - Perfect Fly "Perfectflex"Tippet
Item# MT100

Product Description

Our PerfectFlex Tippet is the best mono nylon tippet you can buy. In addition to that, you get almost twice as much tippet material as there is on our competition's spools.

Our spools of tippet have 55 yards of material versus 30 yards contained on the small spools of most other tippet manufacturers.

Perfect Fly PerfectFlex Tippet is a happy medium to two extremes. It is mono that is neither very hard or extremely soft. It stretches reasonable well but offers some resistance to stretching. It stretches just enough to prevent breaking the tippet from sudden shocks but it will not stretch enough to weaken it. It is elastic enough to return to its original shape. This medium memory allows the tippet to stretch before breaking but not to the point that it doesn't return to its original shape. It works best under most fly fishing conditions.

It comes in several different sizes.