Bream/Panfish Tapered Mono Leades (3 per pack)

Bream/Panfish Tapered Mono Leades (3 per pack)
Item# ML104-3

Product Description

3 pack of Bream leaders. Being able to present your "Perfect Fly" Bream and Panfish files properly requires a good tapered leader, irregardless of the type of fly or popping bug you are fishing. The leader should be soft enough to have the proper amount of elasticity to deliver the fly delicately, yet be hard enough to be resistant to abrasion. You cannot land any fish on frayed leader material, or with tangles and wind knots in your leader and tippet.

You should be able to deliver your flies and bugs exactly where you want them to land. This is very important when fishing near grass, lily pads. logs, tree tops and other obstructions that can hang your fly. Our Perfect Fly leaders are designed to enable the angler to deliver the fly precisely where you want it to go. They provide a strong, nearly invisible link between the fly line and the fly. They transfer energy from the fly line to the fly in a predictable manner.

Our Perfect Fly tapered mono bream and panfish leaders have a large diameter butt section that makes a smooth transition from the fly line to the leader. The midsection tapers gradually down to the terminal tippet part of the leader that is based on its intended use. These leaders transfer energy from the fly line to the tippet smoothly and will turn over large and small popping bugs, dry flies and both weighted and unweighted wet flies. They come with loops.