Braided Mono Leaders - 6 foot length

Braided Mono Leaders - 6 foot length
Item# BL101-6

Product Description

Perfect Fly Braided Mono Leaders are hand made from nylon. Each leader has a loop on the end so that it can be attached to the fly line using a simple "loop to loop" connection. All you need to do is to add tippet to the leader and you are ready to fish.

These leaders cast much better than single tapered mono leaders. They deliver the fly accurately and delicately. They land on the surface of the water gently. The suppleness and mass of the butt end of the leaders turn over and straighten the tippet. A six foot long braided leader typically turns over a three or four foot long tippet with ease.

If there is any wind, they are especially useful. Wind doesn't bother them near as much as regular leaders.

When fish hit hard, the braided construction of these leaders absorbs the sudden shock. They help prevent your tippet from being broken throughout the fight of a fish. They absorb the sudden surge of a fish.

These leaders last much longer than tapered leaders. Considering their long use, the overall cost of these leaders is not any more than the cost of tapered mono leaders. Just change the tippet to match the fly you are using. The same braided leader will turn over a size 2 streamer or a size 20 dry fly.

They do it all—long casts, short casts; dry flies and emergers fished on the surface; nymphs, wet flies, and streamers.