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Welcome to the Perfect Fly Store. The Perfect Fly Store is the retail outlet for Perfect Fly, fly and fly fishing gear and equipment manufacturers.

We have "specific" imitations of just about everything fish eat for just about every species of fish that is caught using a fly. We have over 180 "Perfect Fly" mayfly imitations. These include flies that closely imitate all of the major mayfly species in all stages of life that are eaten by trout. There are many other specific fly patterns for caddisflies, stoneflies, midges, crustaceans, sculpin and baitfish. The total number of new "Perfect Fly" patterns is over 400.

We also manufacturer fly rods. The Perfect Fly Supreme Five, Superior Six, Supper Seven and Ultimate Four are top of the line, premium fly rods equal to or better than any. We also have the Pro Series, Master Series, Fresh/Salt Series and Switch Rod series.

Perfect Fly has its own line of fly fishing leaders and tippet. There are many different types of fly fishing leaders for both fresh and saltwater species of fish. We manufacturer several other fly fishing items such as several models of Perfect Fly Lanyards.

Perfect Fly also sells many "Perfect Fly Approved" products, or products made by other manufacturers that we endorse and approve the use of. Perfect Fly approved products include fly fishing reels, fly fishing lines, fly line backing, fly floatants, fly line cleaners, and many different fly fishing accessories.

Perfect Fly is owned by Angela Marsh.